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Find answers to commonly asked questions to our support team. If your answer is here then you do not need to wait for our reply and we can spend more of our time on improving the software.



Activating your License

Go to the ‘LICENSE’ tab in the software (blue button, upper left corner) and paste your activation key and click on the “Activate” button to activate the modules you just bought. Your activation period will start from the moment you use your key for the first time.

The activation key is included in the email you receive from PayPal. You can also find your activation key in your Paypal transaction info on the PayPal website. If you bought with Bitcoin then you should have stored your activation key to your hard-drive before purchasing. The activation key starts with MS0001- or MS0002-. Please contact us if you somehow lost your activation key.

Warning: Each MonsterSocial license is a single hardware license. It is intented to be used on only 1 machine and not go back and forth between machines. You can replace your computer 3 times. You can also reactivate your license unlimited times on the machine you last activated MonsterSocial on.

If you have activation issues, please email us for further assistance.

MonsterSocial License Tab


Proxy Configuration (optional)

If you plan to use proxies. Go to the proxy manager. You can download public proxies automatically or you can import some from a text file. Most features require the HTTPS checkbox enabled, so make sure your proxy supports it and that you enable it. Testing a proxy enables the HTTPS flag automatically if it works. Proxies are optional. They are used to hide your true location and to avoid spam detection from a single IP address. Be aware that Instagram and Facebook do a country check at login! Never use free/publicly available proxies. They are already blacklisted by all social networks.

MonsterSocial Proxy Manager


If you enabled the default checkbox on one your your proxies then this proxy will be used for EVERY account which does not have a proxy linked to it.

Account Configuration

Before you can run any features, you need to add your accounts in the Account Manager of the module you bought. Go to the account manager. Add your accounts, specify a proxy (optional).

MonsterSocial Account Manager


You can also check if your accounts are working by clicking the test button. This test will also use the specified proxy if you selected one.

If you are adding Facebook accounts, make sure you disable the extra security checks like mobile login approvals. If you are adding proxies to Facebook or Instagram accounts, make sure they are from the same region as the user of the account, or the account might lock up and ask security questions (Facebook) or change the password (Instagram)!

Running Features

Click on the feature  you want to run on the menu. If you hover over a feature  then you will see an explanation of what the feature does. If you open it by left clicking on it, you will see that info again in the footer of the new tab.

MonsterSocial Feature Info


Once you opened the feature tab, click on the start button. Most features require parameters like a tag or an URL. Simply past them in the text box and press return.

MonsterSocial Facebook Like


Some features have limitations by the social network itself. Please try to stay within the limits. You can specify the limits yourself in all feature tabs that do multiple actions on each of your accounts. Click the ribbongroup button under the limit settings to learn more about the limitations of the concerning social network.

MonsterSocial Limitation Settings


I am unable to download updates with the launcher. How can I update?

This can sometimes happen on slow or bad routed connections. Simply download this:, rename the file to MonsterSocial.exe and place it in %appdata%\MonsterSocial (full path: C:\Users\YOUR WINDOWS USER NAME\AppData\Roaming\MonsterSocial\MonsterSocial.exe)

How do I activate my license?

If you purchased MonsterSocial from within the software then you can simply click the validate button in the license tab or restart the application. If you bought it on the website then you need to insert your activation key in the license tab. They key has been emailed to your Paypal email and it can also be found in your Paypal transaction info (field: Key To Activate). An activation key always starts with MS000X-…
Warning: Each MonsterSocial license is a single hardware license. It is intented to be used on only 1 machine and not go back and forth between machines. You can replace your computer 3 times. You can also reactivate your license unlimited times on the machine you last activated it on.
If you have activation issues, please contact us.

I lost my activation. Can I use my license on another computer?

Yes. You can update the hardware ID of your license with your activation key. You can find your activation key in your Paypal transaction info. They key has also been emailed to your Paypal email. You can also send us your payment info together with your new hardware ID in the contact form and we will update your license for you.

Login Issue. Why can’t I login with my social network account?

Before you check anything else. Login with your credentials with a normal webbrowser like Google Chrome in incognito mode or Internet Explorer in private mode (and use the same proxy, if you use one). You need incognito mode because you need to perform a login without pre-stored cookies. See if there is an unlock or advertisement screen after login. If there is an unlock screen, answer it and login again with MonsterSocial.

  • In case you are using proxies, make sure your proxies work. If you have no proxy linked to your social network account, check if there is a default proxy and if so, make sure it’s working. Note that free public proxies are low quality and get banned faster, because a lot of people use them for spamming. They often go offline too. Never use foreign proxies on Facebook and Instagram accounts.
  • You could be spamming the concerning social network too hard and the social network temporarily disabled your login or IP address. Sometimes Instagram changes the password of users who spam too hard, you can restore the password via email.
  • A cookie might prevent you from logging in. Select your account in the MonsterSocial account manager and click "clear cookies".
  • Try removing the account in the MonsterSocial account manager, restart MonsterSocial and re-add the account.
  • Make sure you disable the extra security settings on login (two-factor authentication, SMS verification, known devices, …).
  • Be aware that Facebook and Instagram do a country IP check on login.
  • The bot does not login on Tumblr with a Yahoo account, you need to create a Tumblr specific password via this link: Reset the password via the link sent to your email and use that password to login to Tumblr.
  • Make sure you are always using the latest version. Older versions might no longer work completely. You can download the latest version here.
  • It could be that a license is expired or out of sync, click the validate button in the license tab or restart the software and retry.
  • You can try resetting the entire MonsterSocial installation by closing MonsterSocial and deleting %AppData%\MonsterSocial\settings.dat
  • If none of the above is giving you an answer then you are probably using a crack or you used one and broke the activation server connection. Cracks don’t work and never will. If you used a crack before buying, then you might need to remove all references to in the Windows hosts file.
My account logs in correctly, but a feature stopped working. What can I do?
  • This usually happens when you are spamming the concerning social network too fast. Please stay within the social network its limitations.
  • Try the feature in a normal webbrowser like Internet Explorer. See if your follow, like or comment stays after a page refresh.
  • Go to the account manager, select the accounts that have the issue and clear cookies.
  • Close MonsterSocial, go to %appdata%\MonsterSocial and rename settings.dat to settings.old
  • MonsterSocial might require an update. Always use the latest version!
  • The social network might have updated their code. Report it through the contact form. We will check if we can replicate the issue and fix it as fast as we can. We try to solve all issues within 72 hours.
What are the social network limitations?

We aren’t completely sure about this, because accounts sometimes show different behaviour. It’s better that you read the limitation document on the concerning social network. You can specify the limits yourself in MonsterSocial. Here are -what we think- the limits:

  • Facebook: max 5000 friends in total. no like, join or followers limits
  • Instagram: 60 actions per hour, max 7500 following in total
  • Pinterest: 300 actions per day
  • Tumblr: 200 actions per day, max 5000 following in total
  • Twitter: 40 actions per hour, 1000 per day, max 2000 + (the amount of followers + 10%) following in total

If you think this is wrong, please tell us.

What are the system requirements? Does MonsterSocial support OSX?

Currently MonsterSocial is only available for Microsoft Windows XP or newer having .NET framework 4.5 installed. You can run Windows on a modern Mac. You will need to install Windows in a virtual machine like virtualbox or use bootcamp to create a multiboot.

Does MonsterSocial continue to automate after I shut my computer down?

No, the software needs to be running. All connections to social networks are created directly from your computer.

How can I follow all user followers on instagram?

Set your settings like this: view screenshot

What services do you provide? Can I buy accounts?

We provide you software with licenses. It’s up to you to run the services inside the application. We also provide free sales and technical support. We are not providing social network accounts, you need to insert/import your accounts in the software.

How long can I use the software?

Standard licenses have an expiration of 3 months after it has been activated for the first time. 1 year and permanent licenses are also available on the pricing page. There are no plans on stopping the MonsterSocial project.

How much will it cost?

Standard licenses cost 39.99 USD for 3 months. If you buy all modules at once you pay for 2.5 modules and get 2.5 for free (99.99 USD). You can find all bundled plans on the actual pricing page on this website. Click Buy in the menu.

How do I assign a different feature to each account of the same social network?

Go to the account manager, only have enabled check on your first account. Start a feature. Go back to the account manager, only have enabled checked on your second account and start a second feature. Started tabs don’t refresh from the account manager until they stop.

Can I have a discount?

If you have purchased from us before and if you never reversed a payment then you can ask for a discount in our contact form. Please specify which module you want for how long an we will give you a special price.

Can I have a refund?

If you haven’t used your license yet or if a feature stops working for everyone during your activation period and we cannot solve it then we will give you a full refund. You don’t need to reverse your payment on Paypal. Simply contact us by email or using the contact form and we will process your request within 72 hours. We are not responsible for broken actions on social networks which you also experience with a normal browser like Google Chrome.
A feature is not broken if you spammed too hard or if your accounts ask security questions, because you logged in with a foreign proxy.

Can I have a free demo / trial license?

Yes, simply download and install the software. You will automatically get a free Tumblr and Pinterest license. We don’t offer longer trial licenses for other social networks, but they work similar.

What aftersales support do you offer?

We provide free support from MonsterSocial developers. When social networks change, we update them within 3 days after it has been reported by a customer.

Can MonsterSocial do things that are not shown on this website?

Yes, please request your feature in the contact form and explain your requirements thoroughly. Our development fee is 125 USD/hour. Before we start the development, we will send you our view on your requirements. We only start coding when you accept them. You can choose to have the customization only for yourself if you also pay for the updates when the feature breaks.

I’m using a crack that I found on an illegal website, but it doesn’t work. Why?

The application is running functions on serverside. Cracks will never work. Be careful with cracks floating around. They are usually infected with a virus, even if websites like virustotal say they are not. They might also destroy the functionality of a legit version of MonsterSocial.

One More Question?

If you cannot find an answer to your question you can always ask us using the contact form. Support is provided for free by MonsterSocial developers on both sales and technical questions.  If you experience any bugs or if a social network got updated and MonsterSocial no longer runs properly, please let us know as quickly as possible.

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