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Litecoin Payment Information.

IMPORTANT: Please print or save this page to your hard-drive before sending funds

License: Pinterest permanent activation
Price: 2.546257 LTC
Litecoin Address: MAGvpy76QsGyvzWU71aTVSzVCDNhMNjVyA
MonsterSocial Activation Key: MS0001-03E40B09-5F2C036B-EB65-81504C82

IMPORTANT! Please send 2.546257 LTC to wallet MAGvpy76QsGyvzWU71aTVSzVCDNhMNjVyA. It has to be the exact same amount and transfered within 6 hours or your license will not be created. The amount does not include the transaction fee. Within 15 minutes after your transaction appears on the blockchain with the correct amount, your license will automatically be created on our server and you can activate MonsterSocial with the activation key shown above. Please save your activation key to your harddrive right now.

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