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The #1 automation bot for Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, Tumblr and Twitter

The #1 in Social Network Automation

Up to date for 6 years!

MonsterSocial uses unique features invented by our own development team. The application was built using cutting-edge technology. The powerful features come together with a user-friendly interface. You will love it.



Updates to new versions of social networks within 3 days.


Boost your sales by showing your product to thousands of people.


Help is provided by developers, free of charge.


We invent our own methods and also listen to your ideas.


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A strong majority of customers buy additional licenses after their first purchase!

Key Features

Follow or unfollow profiles automatically. Profiles can be found using a hashtag and also in your followers and following lists.

Add all your friends to a specific group, ask all the friends of all your Facebook accounts to like a specific page, add a specific friend or join a specific event by sending a personal private notification.

Share or retweet a specific status or like a specific status, comment, picture or page with all your accounts.

Comment on a status or picture with all your accounts.

Import accounts from text files (username:password) and check if they are working automatically.

Select a specific proxy for each account or assign some randomly. Accounts with no proxy selected will use the proxy with the default flag enabled (if any).

Exclude certain profiles from suggest friend request, page like and event join features.

Exclude certain profiles from profiles found in followers, following or profiles found by a hashtag or search word.

Run multiple features with multiple profiles on multiple social networks using multiple proxies! All at once!

Our webbrowser emulator sends raw HTTP requests. This method uses less bandwith and is a lot faster. No extra resources like images need to be downloaded or rendered. There are no incompatibility issues, because it doesn’t use your installed webbrowser to navigate to social networks.

Your license will immediately be activated after payment. You will also receive an activation key (you can find it in the custom field in your Paypal transaction info) . Use this key to transfer your license to another computer.


Tell the world about your products and services. Reach potential customers before the competition.

Sell social network services based on our innovative features. Sell likes, followers and so on.

Become respected. Improve your image and the image of your company.

Guide traffic from social networks to wherever you want. Hint: PPV, PPC and PPD services!



I can target my niche population with hashtags in the Tumblr, Twitter, Pinterest and Instagram modules.
Cherry Clothing, Ltd.
We earned our money back in one day. Need I say more? Big fat vouch for MonsterSocial!
Social Shopping, LLC
I’m making 300 USD a day by spreading my PPD links with the Facebook module!
We make our clients online-famous. Our clients like how we can grow their profiles with real traffic and feedback with MonsterSocial.

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